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C.O.R.E. Tennis

We believe in the power of sport to build thriving communities.

Summer Camps

We have the best camps in Falls Church!

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First Pain Point

This should be the biggest pain your clients have as it relates to your service. What are you doing for them?

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We believe in the power of sport to build thriving communities.

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We believe in the power of sport to create thriving communities. 


We teach our students the value of optimism and positive thinking both on and off the court.

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Our sports programs are designed for players to develop relationships that value respect and honor.


We infuse energetic teaching and learning to promote healthy lifestyles for kids and adults!

Junior Programs

We offer after-school clinics for kids ages 6-18 years old. Kids are divided by age and skill level. From learning the fundamentals to advanced stroke techniques, C.O.R.E. offers a variety of classes to suit the needs of your child and family. These 1-hour classes are a great way to get out and active! Join us in learning and developing your child's game in a fun and exciting environment!

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Performance Programs

The goal of the performance sessions is to provide our athletes an opportunity to become better tennis players in a competitive and fun environment. These classes are designed for junior players who show potential to play at a higher level. These classes are invitation-only. Clinics include stroke instruction, video analysis, match play, mental training and fitness. Take your game to the next level!

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Adult Programs

These tennis programs feature video analysis, stroke development and refinement for both basic and advanced skills, the use of spin, repetitive/tactical drills and competitive situations. These clinics are a great opportunity to build solid technique, develop skills, and have FUN!

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The Top Tennis Programs in NOVA

C.O.R.E. Tennis has been a leader in tennis programming in Northern Virginia for the past 10 years, for students ages 4 to 94, beginner or advanced. We have the right program for everyone!


We teach kids and adults about all aspects of tennis, and we bring a unique blend of skill development + exhilarating fun for a truly rewarding experience.

Techniques and Mechanics
Footwork and Fitness Training 
Mental Training



Chris Canepa

Director at Lee Graham

Chris is the Tennis Director at Lee Graham where we offer spring, summer and fall programs. Coach Chris has been coaching in the Northern Virginia area for the past 20 years. He has a strong passion for the sport and aiding in the development of his players. Chris is a USPTA certified professional.


Alex Shek

Founder & Director of Tennis

Alex Shek established C.O.R.E. Sports Management LLC (dba C.O.R.E. Tennis) in 2009 with a vision to create a premier tennis program and recreation facility management organization for the Northern Virginia area.

Alex began this endeavor at the age of twenty-two.  Since its inception, C.O.R.E. has operated ten facilities and established a broad and impactful connection with the families of Northern Virginia. Building upon a Northern Virginia upbringing rich with tennis influence, Alex recognized his passion was to share that same experience with others. 


Tommy Weber

Tennis Professional and Director of Sports Performance

Coach Tommy has been working with C.O.R.E. Tennis for the past 7 years. Tommy played varsity tennis at George Mason high school where they earned 5 straight state championships. He finished his 5 years at Mason with 99 wins.

Coach Tommy enjoys sharing the game of tennis with juniors through games and competition. He believes in creating a fun and positive environment for all students and emphasizes the importance of dedication and hard work. Coach Tommy is a certified USPTA professional. He is also certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


  • Mom Nadia Testimonial

    "Alex and the C.O.R.E. Tennis team always do a fantastic job of engaging all of my kids with their dynamic tennis programs. From 4 years old to 12, all of my children come home excited after tennis!"

    - Nadia Fraga, Mom of 4

  • Marshall Coach

    “Tennis players who train with C.O.R.E. become better athletes. They learn technique, mental and emotional toughness, footwork, fitness and gain match experience. They become whole tennis players.”

    - James MacIndoe, Marshall Boys' Tennis Coach

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  • WST
  • 10&Under
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Holistic Tennis Training

Our tennis program doesn't just focus on the fundamentals - we train the entire person while sharing our love and passion for the sport.

Techniques & Mechanics 50%
Footwork and Fitness Training 30%
Mental Training 20%
Fun! 100%

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